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Common Health Problems in Dogs

Common Health Problems in Dogs

There are numerous reasons that your dog can be seek. Generally, there is rare chance that a well-cared dog will get sick, but there are still certain certain issues of health that can occur. Proper care and actions can help you to avoid such issues and keep your dog healthy. Consulting your vet for routine health checkup of your dog will also help you to avoid any health issue related to your dog. Always be alert about sign of illness of your dog. There are numerous health related issues that can affect your dog.

1. Skin Issues

Most of the dogs experiences several skin related health issues. The skin starts to appear red, flaky, scaly or abnormal. There are many reasons that can leads a dog to have skin problems, such as parasites, allergies and many more. If dog is scratching continuously or the skin of dog appears abnormal take an immediate and appropriate action to avoid critical health condition of your dog.  Here are some of the more common skin issues in dogs.

2. Ear Infection

Ear infection is one of the common health problem that most of the dogs experiences. Shaking heads and scratching the ears are the result of ear infection in dogs. Ear infections can be itchy as well as painful. It can lead to serious damages if proper treatment and care is not provided to the dog. If you see any of the ear infection symptoms in your dog for more than one or two day, you must consult your vet for treatments. Ear infections sometimes also leads to skin problems. You can prevent ear infections at home by cleaning your dog’s ears routinely.

3. Vomiting

There are many reasons for vomiting issues in dogs. it’s not necessary to consult your vet every time your dog vomits, but it’s also not good to ignore this issue every time. Vomiting can also be a sign of toxicity or any other critical disease. However, sometimes the reason behind it can be simply like dietary indiscretion. If your dog is vomiting continuously then don’t waste your time in guessing the reason and consult your vet.

4. Diarrhea

It can occur on its own or may accompany vomiting. The reason behind diarrhea is same as the vomiting has. The first and second stages of diarrhea is no emergency, but its continuity can cause dehydration. You must consult your vet if diarrhea persists or incase it accompanies vomiting.

5. Urinary Tract Infection

It is also one of the common health issue that most of the dogs experiences. It’s quite irritating and frustrating to deal with a dog who is peeing in house. Most of the owners consider it as lack of training or behavioral issue. But reality is your dog may have urinary tract infection. Symptoms of UTI are excessive urination, inappropriate urination, increased thirst. If your dog shows any of these symptoms then consult your vet and ask for urine test to verify any infection.

6. Obesity

Obesity is one of the most rapidly growing health issue in dogs. It is also considered as one of the most preventable issue in dogs. Obesity in dogs can lead to serious health issues like diabetes, orthopedic problem and heart disease. However, obesity can be easily prevented by proper exercise and diet.