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Owning a Dog

Are You a Dog or a Cat Person?

Are You a Dog or a Cat Person

Numerous studies have shown that pets give companionship and unconditional love. However, one question is yet to be answered. Does being a dog or a cat person reveal your true personality? Well, there are two schools of thought to this question. According to a survey conducted by University of Texas, it was found that most behaviors of pet lovers are the same. Another study showed that the personality differences can only be related to the environment a cat or a dog person prefers. Since a dog has rightfully earned the reputation as man’s best friend, it’s better to be a dog person. Let’s try to elaborate this discussion further.

Dog people vs cat people

It’s estimated that 33 percent of U.S households own cats while 39 percent own dogs. The other population can describe themselves as lovers of either cats or dogs. So, what does the cat and dog loving tendencies say about us?

Dog person

Dog people are more conscientious than cat people. They are self-disciplined, good planners, and have a sense of duty. Owing a dog provides all manner of social interactions. Recent studies have shown that dog people are willing to work harder at relationships and are naturally accommodating. This means, dog people are enthusiastic, charming, spontaneous, outgoing, energetic and positive. Thankfully, certain breeds like Rottweiler offer good protection.

Cat person

A cat person is usually thoughtful, independent and self-aware. He or she enters into a contract because cats generally live longer than dogs. Such people tend to have a long-haul commitment and are more self-sufficient. It’s worth noting that a cat does not bring social benefits to the real world. Although cat people are more curious to trying new things, they get stressed out easily. Furthermore, they tend to be non-conformists and prefer to be expedient rather than follow the rules. In addition, they don’t need to be taken for walks and can be left on their own for hours. Some cats usually hide when new people visit.


From the above information, we can conclude that dogs are faithful, energetic, and easy to get along with. Most importantly, they can be a fantastic outdoor companion and are easy to train. This is the same to the people who love them. Based on the University of Texas survey, cat people are unconventional in thinking and are more prone to worry than dog people. Take a few minutes and think whether you prefer cats or dogs. Think about what the above preferences say about your personality before you proclaim yourself a cat or dog person. Most people love dogs because they expand their social life in the real world.